Green Energy

Upstream view of Masson from the wier, also showing the goyt

When Richard Arkwright built his showpiece Masson Mill in 1783 on the River Derwent at Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, his aim was to harness the substantial and reliable power of the river.

It was a well-judged decision, for over 220 years later the sustainability and longevity of the site is in no small part due to water power.

Today the entire Masson Mills site is supplied with renewable green energy produced by onsite hydroelectric turbines utilising the power of the River Derwent. Surplus electricity not required on site is instantaneously fed into the National Grid to ensure no wastage of this valuable resource. The hydroelectricity produced emits no emissions to air, land or water, thereby minimising the carbon footprint of Masson Mills and those visiting the site.

Masson Mills aim to:

  • Maximise the efficient use of energy available through the production of electricity from renewable sources.
  • Maintain the environmental quality of the buildings, land and landscape on the site.
  • Protect and increase the diversity of wildlife on the site, in particular on the bank of the River Derwent, where breeding kingfishers and numerous other species of wildlife are to be found.
Downstream view of Masson and the magnificent Derwent
  • Maintain for the continued enjoyment of visitors, (and free of charge to conference delegates), the walks and grassed picnic areas alongside the river.
  • Undertake sustainable practices where possible in order to ensure the continued enjoyment of the Masson Mills site for future generations.